Mission Statement

The mission of the Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon is to enhance the success of cooperatives through appropriate communication and education, monitoring and influencing governmental activities.

What is the Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon?

Founded on June 20, 1921, ACCO (or Oregon Cooperative Council as it was called then) was the first state cooperative council started in the United States. It served as a model for other state cooperative councils and for what is now the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.

ACCO is the professional organization of farmer–owned businesses operating in Oregon. The Council advocates on behalf of agricultural cooperatives and provides education about cooperatives to high school and college students. In addition ACCO funds scholarships for college students studying agriculture.

Professional development is a key part of the organization. ACCO helps coordinate educational programs that benefit cooperative directors, management and employees.

As part of its advocacy role, ACCO works closely with lawmakers and government agencies on issues that impact cooperatives and their members.

Upcoming Events 

Check back soon for upcoming events including the State FFA Convention Cooperative Quiz sponsored by ACCO.